We also sometimes organise group sessions for women who are just starting to surf.

If you are interested, ask for information and we will organise a session when we have a minimum number of women (4-6 women). This session is usually held on the weekends.

The price for a two-hour session, per girl is:

* Let us know if you want to include photos, in one of the sessions, during the whole session, in and out of the water! We think it’s worth it. And we’ll pass the prices to you.

What will you learn in level 1?

  • Paddling techniques

  • Basic surfing equipment

  • How to stand up on the board

  • Achieving the security aspects

  • Correct positioning

  • How to swim in the foam

  • How to understand and read the waves

  • How to catch waves without breaking

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Hello, welcome to the Malama experience
Hello, welcome to the Malama experience 😊 🏄‍♀️ 🏄‍♀️ How can we help you?
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