At Malama we want to make sure that we advise you on everything you need so that your surfing experience meets your expectations.

That is why we have individual sessions with our surf instructors who will be responsible for helping you with your needs. Whether it’s improving your technique, your paddling, or your footing if you start from scratch. Let us be your right hand in surfing and your guide on a path that, if started or channeled well, will give you unforgettable moments and a lot of adrenaline in the water.

How do I know what level of Surfing I am?

Like any sport, surfing has a different learning curve for each person. In order to accelerate that curve and personalize the training as much as possible, we divided the groups into two levels, Level 1 and Level 2.

The biggest difference between the two levels is the autonomy you feel in the water. In order to experience the types of level 2, it is essential that you can feel safe through the foam and that you can catch the waves before they break. If this is still a challenge, you will surely get more out of level 1 classes.


  • It’s my first time surfing
  • I tried to surf a couple of times
  • I took a few surf lessons here and there
  • I’ve been surfing for a couple of weeks or months, but I’m still struggling with the basics of the technique
  • When I try to get up, I fall 30% of the time or more
  • I don’t feel comfortable swimming in the foam
  • It’s hard for me to know how to catch waves before they break
  • I have trouble identifying if a wave is right or left
  • It’s hard for me not to get stuck in the take off (standing up) and cut the wave


  • I’ve been surfing for a few months or years
  • I can paddle smoothly through the foam and
  • I can catch waves without breaking alone
  • I can tell if a wave is going to be right or left
  • It is very rare that I fall when I try to stand up
  • I already tried several boards, even shorter fun-boards or fish boards.
  • I am at a level where I think I need more tips to surf better on the wall of the wave, more agility, more speed, better style, etc.
  • I’m safe in the take off and I can cut the wave.

* Let us know if you want to include photos, in one of the sessions, during the whole session, in and out of the water! We think it’s worth it. And we’ll pass the prices to you.


  • Paddling techniques

  • Basic surfing equipment

  • How to stand up on the board

  • Achieving the security aspects

  • Correct positioning

  • How to swim in the foam

  • How to understand and read the waves

  • How to catch waves without breaking

What will you learn in level 2?

  • Generate more speed.
  • Choosing the best waves.
  • Choosing your board according to sea conditions.
  • Passing under the wave (duck).
  • Improve your agility.
  • Improve the bottoms, know how to make them deep.
  • Adjusting the position of your feet on the board.
  • Learning to make cutbacks.
  • Learning and improving turns at the top of the wave.
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Hello, welcome to the Malama experience
Hello, welcome to the Malama experience 😊 🏄‍♀️ 🏄‍♀️ How can we help you?
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