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What do our Malama Weekend Experiences include?

Our Weekend Experiences normally run from Friday evening until midday Sunday. But each weekend may have different activities & workshops, so we recommend you to check here and on social media to keep up to date with what we have to offer.

Our Malama Weekends include:

  • Our acclaimed welcome pack.
  • Transfers at the destination to participate in the Experience.

  • Accommodation. You will sleep in a beautiful house, located in El Palmar and by the beach. (No bunk beds).

  • Breakfast & dinner at home by our own chef. 

  • Lunch box for lunch at the beach: sandwich, nuts, a piece of fruit and some pastries.

    There is still more …


Our acclaimed surfing sessions with our female instructor, two hours each, including surfboard, wetsuit, leash, lycra, etc. Girls' fun is guaranteed!


Yoga connects the mind with the body through movement and breathing. This reduces stress, relaxes the body and allows us to be more present. When we practice yoga, we will naturally transfer this learning to the waves. The disconnection from our routines and the physical and mental rest, we find in the sunsets, the sea breeze or the sound of the waves that surrounds us and embraces us with the energy that we will find when we are near the sea.


We are fortunate to have very cool but at the same time healthy and organic restaurants in El Palmar and Conil. We will enjoy breakfast at the house, while for dinner we can go together to any restaurant in the area. You have free access to the kitchen of the house and you are welcome to bring food from home or buy what you need in the local supermarkets.


We have help to share charming walking routes and we will learn about why it is important to be Women Warriors and Sustainable.

If you have any special requirements, such as a birthday to celebrate, or special a special diet, talk to us via whatsapp, our email or through the following form.


Behind this experience lies the empowerment of women, getting to know ourselves better and knowing what our passion is. Both Mimi and the team of men and women behind this project believe that there is a place in the sea for everyone, we love the feeling of freedom that surfing gives us, and from that place we want to share it with you.

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Hello, welcome to the Malama experience
Hello, welcome to the Malama experience 😊 🏄‍♀️ 🏄‍♀️ How can we help you?
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