MALAMA long stay

Empowerment, resilience & perseverance

What do our Malama Long Stay experiences include?

Depending on the number of nights of the Experience the activities included will vary. Below you will find details of the most common activities included in our Long Stay Experiences (usually a long weekend).

  • Our acclaimed welcome gift.
  • Transfers at destination to participate in the Experience.

  • Alojamiento. Dormirás en una casa preciosa, situada en Conil de la Frontera, en habitaciones compartidas de dos. (No literas).

  • Snack at home the first night.

  • Buffet style Breakfast at home: muesli, cereals, fruit, cheese, cold meats, juices, coffee, milk, etc.

  • Lunch boxes for lunch at the beach: sandwich, nuts, a piece of fruit and some pastries. On the morning of check-out we could organise to go out for breakfast at a restaurant on the beach as a farewell. This would be at the expense of each woman.

    There’s still more …



Our acclaimed surf sessions with our femaile instructor, each lasting two hours, including surfboard, wetsuit, leash, lycra, etc. 1 X surf video analysis to see what we can improve in the water. 1 X surf video análisis para ver qué podemos mejorar dentro del agua.


Surfskate lessons. This modality helps us a lot to practice out of the water the same movements that we will later develop little by little when surfing.


Hatha Yoga sessions, at the Casa de Piedra, right on the beach and overlooking the sea. We will also have our sun salutations (optional) at home. Before breakfast, our surf coach will guide us through some stretching exercises that will help us to flex and strengthen the spine and all the joints.


Digital photo package with a summary of the whole Experience, from start to finish. 1 X photo session in the water by our colleagues from It ́s Only Water.



"Body to Earth" - What comes to your mind if we put the words nature, women, accompaniment, circle and movement in the same sentence? Does your heart beat? No wonder. And yes, my girl- friend, being independent does not make you indestructible, courageous or strong. Your true ally, the one that makes you truly indestructible is simply your natural essence, the purity of your soul and your vulnerability. Letting go of your thoughts, your conditioning, letting yourself fall, rocking, holding yourself, in a group.


We will give you all the essential concepts you need to know in order to know why waves are produced, why they break and what types there are. But above all, how to know which day is the right day to surf and enjoy. This will help us not to get frustrated and to plan our trips well. None of us like to show up on a beach with all the excitment in the world and see that the sea is flat. So after this workshop, you will be empowered enough to not depend on anyone and to know when to come surfing. Awesome plan.


Masaje con conciencia plena

Nos hemos organizado para disponer de tiempo libre el sábado y domingo, para que podáis pasar por las manos de Juan Antonio @Masajes Find Your Balance. Porque todas nos merecemos, realmente, poder echar el freno y relajarnos. Juan Antonio ofrece dos tipos de masaje: - Masaje completo: 1 Hora, cuerpo entero - Masaje desde los pies hasta la cabeza, pasando por piernas, espalda, brazos y cuello. Precio: 50€ - Masaje por zonas: 30 minutos - Masaje desde los pies hasta la cabeza, pasando por piernas, espalda, brazos y cuello. Pensado si necesitáis una descarga cada cierto tiempo debido a vuestra profesión o a un entrenamiento deportivo intenso. Precio: 30€ El tiempo asignado para los masajes será sábado y domingo de 3-6 pm, por lo que es importante que reserveis vuestro masaje con antelación y lo comuniqueis cuando confirmeis vuestra asistencia a la Experiencia Malama. Si quereis conocer más sobre su portfolio, tipo de masajes y el entorno tan bonito donde se llevan a cabo sus masajes, podeis visitar su web:


Behind this experience is the empowerment of women, knowing each other more and knowing what our passion is. Both Mimi and the team of men and women behind this project, I believe that there is a place in the sea for everyone, we love the feeling of freedom that surfing gives us, and from that place we want to share it with you.

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Hello, welcome to the Malama experience
Hello, welcome to the Malama experience 😊 🏄‍♀️ 🏄‍♀️ How can we help you?
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